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Student guide for submitting individual assignments, group assignments, and downloading your graded submission.
Guide for students on how to submit a file saved in their MSU OneDrive account for a Blackboard Assignment.
Guide to using SafeAssign.
Guide to previewing an assessment as a student.
Instructor guide to submitting papers directly to the SafeAssign institutional database.
Instructor guide to adding questions from pools to randomize, create sets and reusing questions on a test.
Instructor guide to creating test questions in Microsoft Excel.
Instructor guide to viewing and grading submissions SafeAssign submissions.
Instructor guide to releasing assignments, reviewing user status and managing data.
Instructor guide to creating an assessment from an existing survey.
Instructor guide to importing question pools from a file.
Instructor guide to editing an assessment.
Instructor guide to creating and deploying a test.
Guide to creating an ordering question.
Guide to creating an essay question.