How to Manage an Assessment

Blackboard provides a variety of management features for use with assessments. Follow the directions below to add Adaptive Release, Review Status, Metadata, User Progress, and Statistics Tracking to your course assignments.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Manage an Assessment

Adaptive Release

Adaptive Release is for limiting who can see the assessment or when someone can see the assessment. To set up an Adaptive Release rule:

  1. Enter the page where the assessment has been placed and click the gray chevron next to the name of the assessment you want to create an Adaptive Release rule for. Then click Adaptive Release on the resulting contextual menu.
    Select Adaptive Release from the Assignment's Context Menu.
  2. Choose the criteria you would like to use to control the Adaptive Release including Date, User, Grade Center Data, and Review Status. Once again, please refer to the Adaptive Release Pages for more information on any of these criteria.

Adaptive Release: Advanced

  1. To add new rules or edit former rules, use the Adaptive Release: Advanced button from the contextual drop down menu by the name of the assessment.
    adaptive release: advanced link
  2. From the Adaptive Release: Advanced page you can choose to create a new rule.
    Create a Rule for your Adaptive Release criteria to determine the assignments visibility.
  3. When you have added a new rule, use the buttons in the menu bar to Create Criteria or change the Review Status.
    Create Criteria for your Adaptive Release rules.
Please Note:  If a student meets all the criteria of one of the rules they will have access to the assessment.

Set Review Status

  1. Click the Review Status tool from the Context Menu to provide users the ability to mark the assessment as reviewed.
    set review status link
  2. Then choose to Enable or Disable, and click Submit.
    review options


How to View and Apply Metadata to this Assessment

Metadata is information about a Content Item, including bibliographic and copyright information. To enter this sort of information:

  1. Click Metadata in the drop down menu of the assessment.
    metadata link
  2. Edit the appropriate data.
  3. Click Submit. 

How to Enable or Disable Statistics Tracking

  1.  Choose Statistic Tracking (On/Off) in the contextual menu.
    statistic tracking link
  2. Turn the Tracking On or Off and click Submit.
    statistics tracking settings


View Statistics Report

  1.  Choose View Statistics Report from the assessment's drop down menu.
    View statistics report link
  2. On the next page choose Run in the contextual menu for Content Usage Statistics.
    run link
  3. Enter the Specifications you would like the report on. Choose one individual user, select several by holding down control and clicking the users, or choose them all simply by leaving them all unselected.
    Report specifications and information page
  4. You will get a Please wait screen. This could take several minutes, depending on how large of a report you are running.
    please wait screen
  5. When the report has been compiled, you can choose to Save to Content Collection, Download Report or Run a new Report.
    Success screen with options


User Progress

  1. To track student's progress on an assessment, choose User Progress from the drop-down contextual menu.
    User progress link
  2. From this screen you can see who has Visibility, who has marked the assessment as Reviewed, and when.
    View the students who have reviewed the assignments.




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