Blackboard Interface Overview

Blackboard was engineered to be both an accessible and adaptive design. The look of the interface provides a clean and uncluttered look that users should find easy to navigate.

Using the Interface

Overall, the Blackboard interface is similar to the interface of older versions. However, there are some notable differences.

Tabs and Tools

Like older versions of Blackboard, you will see tabs for the main Blackboard page and for your courses, however the main page is now called My Institution.
My Institution in the Blackboard naviagation menu will be the main landing page visible once you login to Blackboard at Missouri State University.

In the top right, you will see your name. Clicking on it will open up the Global Navigation Menu. Clicking the power icon will log you out of Blackboard.
The Global Navigation Menu is located at the top right of the screen. Here you will find the logout button.


In the Blackboard Dashboard, you will notice several more boxes than you would find in the old Blackboard. These are called modules.
Blackboard's main page is divided up into modules to make navigating the page simplified.

Customizing Course Menu and Banner

The Course Menu links to various areas in your Blackboard course. By default the Course Menu uses a dark gray and white text color scheme. Course themes are not available in Blackboard to ensure that every user has the same ability to access and use the course effectively. However, instructors can customize their courses by adding banners and changing the course menu colors.

  1. Click the Home icon to minimizes the Course Menu.
    The home icon next to the course menu will minimize the menu to make accessing the Course Managment easier.
  2. Navigate to Customization found under the Course Management menu to add a banner or change the course menu colors. 
    This screen capture demonstrates how to locate the Customization feature in the Course Management menu.
  3. From the Customization menu choose Teaching Style.
  4. Here you can edit the Entry Point or Landing Page, Select a Menu Style and Select a Banner for your course.

Turn Edit Mode On or Off

When Edit Mode is ON, all the instructor functions appear, such as Build Content on the action bar in a content area or the appearance of contextual menus. When Edit Mode is OFF, you are viewing the page in a rough approximation of the student view (for true student view, use the Student Preview function).

The Edit Mode function appears to users with the role of instructor, teaching assistant, and course builder. To turn Edit Mode on or off, click the ON/OFF button found in the top right corner of your course.
To edit a course click the on button and wait for the green light to indicate the page is ready to be edited.

Please Note: If you're unable to work in your course as you're accustomed to, the first thing to do is check to see if Edit Mode is OFF.

Use Student Preview

Student Preview allows instructors to view a course exactly as a student would. It even allows for the creation of a "Preview User" account that can submit assignments and take tests. This account can remain in the course and be used as often as needed to test new content and view the course as a student user.


Submitting a Feature Request to Blackboard

If you've got a great idea for something that you'd like to see in Blackboard, don't hesitate to let them know:

The Blackboard Idea Exchange is an easy-to-use site and Blackboard takes these considerations very seriously. Don't be shy – tell them what's on your mind!

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