How to Connect to Residence Hall WiFi

Connect your laptop, iPhone, iPad, other smartphone, or tablet device to Missouri State’s wireless network. Access BearPrint, surf the web, stream Philo TV and more.

Please Note: You should NOT bring your own wireless router. Consumer wireless routers will not function correctly on campus, so we ask that you leave any wireless router or access point you have at home.

Step-by-Step Guide

On your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or laptop

  1. Navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings. See the Wireless Knowledge Base category for guides for popular devices.
  2. Select MSU or MSU Residential (exclusively for residence hall students) network name from the wireless configuration screen of your device.
  3. Enter your BearPass login (e.g., abc123) and password.

On your RoKu or other HomeDevices 

  1. Navigate to MSU Home Device Registration instructions page.

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