How to Access LinkedIn Learning (Faculty/Staff)

As a faculty or staff member at Missouri State University, you have access to LinkedIn Learning. 

LinkedIn Learning provides high-value learning opportunities through a library of over 16,000 courses in 7 languages. The content is constantly updated based on in-demand skills data.

The online courses include technical training on software (such as Microsoft Office 365), leadership, diversity, supervision and much more. If you are interested in a subject or have specific professional development goals, you can search those interests, browse through the available courses and take the training as it fits your own schedule.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Access LinkedIn Learning

  1. Log in to the My Missouri State portal or the My Grizzly Den portal for West Plains employees.
  2. Select the Profile tab at the top of the page or the My Work Resources tab for West Plains employees.
  3. Locate the Professional Development section and click the link for LinkedIn Learning. West Plains employees will find this link under the My Work Links module.
    The My Missouri State Profile page showing the LinkedIn Learning link
    My Work Resources page in My Grizzly Den
  4. Sign in with your Missouri State Office 365 Login ( or
    MSU Office 365 sign-in prompt
  5. After entering your password you will see the below screen confirming your access to LinkedIn Learning:
    "Congrats! You now have access to LinkedIn Learning."
  6. If you have an existing personal LinkedIn account and would like to connect your profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, select Connect my LinkedIn account.
    Connect my LinkedIn account button
    Please Note: If you are no longer an employee of Missouri State University, you can disconnect your personal LinkedIn account from LinkedIn Learning.
    1. Enter the email address or phone number associated with your personal LinkedIn account, then enter your password and select Continue.
      LinkedIn sign-in prompt
      Please Note: If you use your Missouri State email address with your personal LinkedIn account, simply enter your MSU email address ( at this step instead of your Office 365 Login ( or
    2. You should see your LinkedIn profile information. Confirm that this is the correct account and select Accept and continue as [name] to connect your account to LinkedIn Learning.
      LinkedIn Profile confirmation page
  7. If you do not have a personal LinkedIn account or if you wish to keep your LinkedIn account separate from LinkedIn Learning, select Continue without LinkedIn.
    Continue without LinkedIn button
  8. On the Welcome page, select Sounds good to continue setting up your LinkedIn Learning profile.
    LinkedIn Learning Welcome page
  9. Click on the topics you are most interested in learning about, then select Continue.
    LinkedIn Learning interest selection page
  10. You can choose to set a weekly learning goal for your self, or select Maybe later to skip this step.
    Set a weekly goal page
  11. Your account is activated and you're ready to start learning.
    You're all set page


How to Search for LinkedIn Learning Courses


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