How to use Breakout Groups during a Collaborate Session

Follow the steps below to create breakout groups and share files during a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session:

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create Breakout Groups during a Collaborate Session

  1. Log-in to Blackboard.
  2. Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from Course Tools.
  3. Click on the session you wish to join from the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform.
  4. From the Collaborate Session open the Collaborate Panel by clicking on the purple icon in the bottom right corner.
    Click on the Collaborate Session Control Panel.
  5. Click on the Share Content icon from the Collaborate Session Panel.  
    share content icon
  6. Select Breakout Groups from the Interact section of Share Content to begin setting up your groups.
  7. From Assign Groups, choose to randomly assign attendees to groups or to assign them manually.
    Select how you want to assign groups.
  8. Select the number of groups.
  9. Make any necessary changes and click Start to send attendees to their breakout rooms.
    Click start to send attendees to their breakout rooms.
  10. By default, moderator will remain in the main room.
    Breakout room overview.
  11. The moderator can drop in on each group to join discussions. To move to another group, click on the three dots (Attendee control menu) next to the moderator's name and select Move to another group.
    Move from one group to another by selecting the icon
  12. Drag and Drop the moderator to the group they wish to join. Click Update.
  13. To Switch to a new group, click on the Join Group icon next to the group name.
    Click on the join group icon to switch to a new group.
  14. If the moderator settings are set to allow sharing content, each group can chat and share content during breakout groups.
    share content tab
  15. Click the Stop icon to end Breakout Groups and bring everyone back together in the main room.
    Moderators will click on the stop icon to end the Breakout Groups and return attendees to the main room.


Sharing Files with Breakout Groups

You can share files, with one or more breakout groups.

  1. After starting the Breakout Group, select Share Files from the Content Sharing.
  2. Click on File Options and select Share with groups.
    Share files with Breakout Groups.
  3. Select which groups you would like to share the file with and click Share Now.
    Select which groups to share with and click share now.
  4. Add additional files if needed. Then select the file and click the Share Now button.
    Select the file and click share now.

The first slide of the file displays in the breakout group.


For additional information about Breakout Groups by Blackboard Help.


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