This documentation will introduce you to the Collaborate Ultra web conferencing platform, as well as other features provided in Blackboard Learn for communicating and collaborating with your students including announcements, blogs, journals, and wikis, discussion boards, creating groups, group assignments, and emailing through Blackboard.

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Blackboard Collaborate

This documentation will introduce you to guides for using Blackboard Collaborate.

Articles (29)

Best Practices for Enhancing Communications in Blackboard

Best practice tips for using communication features in Blackboard.

Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

Introduction to Blogs, Journals and Wikis.

Discussion Board

Introduction to Blackboard Discussion Boards.

Enhancing Communication

Guide to communicating and collaborating with your students in Blackboard.

Forum Settings

Overview of Forum Settings in Discussion Boards.

How to Comment on a Blog Entry

Guide to commenting on a blog post in your course.

How to Comment on a Journal Entry

Instructor guide to commenting on a journal entry.

How to Create a Blog

Guide to adding a blog to your course.

How to Create a Discussion Board Forum

Guide to creating a Forum and grading a Thread.

How to Create a Discussion Board Thread

Student guide to creating a Discussion Board post.

How to Create a Group

Instructor guide to creating groups one at a time or in sets.

How to Create a Group Discussion

Instructor guide for creating group discussions in Blackboard

How to Create a Journal

Instructor guide to creating a journal.

How to Create a Wiki

Instructor guide to creating a new Wiki.

How to Create an Announcement

Guide to creating an announcement for upcoming events, assignments, exams, etc.

How to Edit a Wiki Page

Guide to editing your Wiki page.

How to Grade a Wiki

Instructor guide to grading student Wikis.

How to Grade in the Discussion Board

Guide to grading Discussion Board forums and threads.

How to Manage a Blog Entry

Instructor guide to creating, editing and searching Blog Entries in a course.

How to Manage a Thread

Instructor guide to managing a Discussion Board using a tag, flag or deleting a post.

How to Manage User Permissions in Discussion Board Forums

Guide to managing user permission in Discussion Board forums.

How to Moderate a Forum

Guide to moderating a forum to review posts before they are published.

How to Rate a Discussion Board Thread

Guide to using a rating scale to provide feedback to Discussion Board posts.

How to Send Emails from Blackboard

Instructor guide to sending emails from Blackboard.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to a Forum or Thread

Guide to subscribing and unsubscribing to forums or threads.

How to View and Reply to Discussion Board Threads

Instructor guide to replying and viewing Discussion Board threads.

Managing Groups

Instructor guide to managing groups and permissions in Blackboard.

Observer Overview

A guide for the Observer role in Blackboard Learn.

Working in a Group Project

Instructors can provide Groups with several tools to support group work.