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Guide for students on how to submit a file saved in their MSU OneDrive account for a Blackboard Assignment.
Information for students about how to use JAWS with LockDown Browser.
Guide to troubleshooting test taking on a Mac.
This article walks students through the process of scheduling a Bear CLAW tutoring session.
Instructor guide to grading student Wikis.
Guide to editing your Wiki page.
Student guide to submitting and viewing a SafeAssign Assignment.
A student guide to sending an email in Blackboard
Step-by-step guide to installing Respondus LockDown Browser on Windows or Mac.
Student guide to reviewing graded assignments.
Guide to completing a self and peer assessment.
Student guide to creating a Discussion Board post.
Guide to accessing My Grades in Blackboard.
Student training videos for getting familiar with the Blackboard interface.
Tips for troubleshooting ETS Proficiency Profile