How to Monitor Evaluations

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Monitor Evaluations

Getting to the Evaluation Page

  1. In the Control Panel within the course, click Course Tools.Then click Self and Peer Assessment.
    Select Self and Peer Assessment from the Course Management menu.
  2. Click the gray chevron next to the appropriate assessment, and click View Evaluations.
    view evaluations link

On the Evaluations Page

Downloading Evaluations

From the Evaluations page you can download all the evaluations or download an individual student's evaluation.

Downloading All Evaluations

Simply click the Download All button on the top left of the Evaluations screen. You will then be given your standard download prompt.
download all button

Downloading an Individual Evaluation

Click the gray chevron to the right of the student's name and choose Download Evaluation from the resulting dropdown menu, which will lead you to a download prompt.
download evaluation link

Viewing Evaluations

If you would like to stay in Blackboard and look at a student's evaluation:

  1. Click View Evaluation from the chevron drop-down menu next to the student's name.
    view evaluation link
  2. You will then be taken to a new page, where the student's evaluation will be entered after each question.


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