How to Install the PaperCut Client on Mac Devices

PaperCut, also called BearPrint, is a print management software that helps reduce our print costs, improve our environment impact, and log print history. BearPrint manages any printer that is available to students as well as the BEARPRINT-PS1, CATFISH, WALRUS, and MANATEE print servers. In order to print to these printers, you must first install the BearPrint client.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Install the PaperCut Client on Mac

  1. In the Finder, click Go and then Connect to Server..., or press COMMAND + K on your Mac keyboard. 

    The Go Menu with Connect to Server highlighted
  2. Under Server Address type in smb:// and click Connect.

    The Connect to Server Window

  3. If you are prompted, type your Missouri State Account ID and Password and click Connect. 

    The Mac Prompt for credentials to connect to BearPrint

  4. In the Finder window that loads, select PCClient and then click Connect. 

    The Volume Select window with PCClient highlighted

  5. Click on the mac folder in the next window. 

    The PCClient window with the mac folder highlighted
  6. Double-click on client-local-install to begin the installation. 

    The content of the mac folder with client-local-install selected
  7. A confirmation will load. Click Yes.

    client-local-install confirmation dialog box
  8. Bearprint will then be installed. To finish, enter your Missouri State Account ID and Password. Then click OK. 

    BearPrint Login Window
  9. A final window with your print allotment will load.


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