Finding Last Date of Attendance

You may need to provide the last date of attendance for a student in your Brightspace course for financial aid or other university documentation. If a student has already dropped the course, you will no longer see their grades in the gradebook, but you can review their information under the Classlist tool. 

To find the last date of attendance

To find a withdrawn student's last date of attendance, first access your Brightspace course. 

  1. Select Course Admin from the course navigation bar, then click Classlist.

  1. From the Classlist page, select Enrollment Statistics.

3.  At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of Withdrawn students. If the Last Access column is blank, you can let financial aid know that the student never accessed the course. Otherwise, you'll need to review their grades.

Please note: Do not provide the Last Accessed date for the last attended date for financial aid purposes. If the class does not have meeting times, financial aid will need the last interaction with the student. In Brightspace, that would be the last graded activity they participated in: Assignment, Discussion Board, Quiz, etc. 

4. Find the student you are looking for in the list and select the arrow next to their name. If you are using the attendance tool in Brightspace, you can review their attendance records, otherwise, choose View grades

4. Review the grades for the last graded activity provided by the student. The date that assignment was submitted should be provided to financial aid as their last date of attendance. You can click on the submission to see the date that the submission was made. 

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