Combining Course Sections in Brightspace

Courses can be combined within Brightspace if you need to teach multiple sections with the same content. 

1. Navigate to Brightspace and click the Admin Tools cog in the upper right corner.


2. Select SIS Course Merge

3. Select the courses you want to merge. You can use the search and filter options as needed to find the courses from your list. 

4. Click Merge Courses.

5. Select the course you wish to merge content into.

6. When you have selected the course to merge content into, click Merge

7. You will see a confirmation that your merge has begun. Depending on the time of semester this may take a bit of time. You will receive a notification in Brightspace when it is complete. 


Please Note: Sections can be merged by instructors, but due to potential for data loss, they cannot be unmerged. Please submit a support ticket if you need assistance with unmerging courses.







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