Test Score Scanning Machines

Exams taken on bubble test sheets require a test score scanning machine for grading. If your department is interested in purchasing test score scanning machine for your faculty to grade exams, we have compiled a list of recommended scanners. These devices have been selected because of their ease of use and low maintenance. Scanning devices may use different answer sheets, so be sure to review information on the compatible test answer sheets or forms that can be used by the device.

Scantron Score

Scantron has released a new test scoring machine bundled with Remark Classroom Edition Scoring Software. Users can quickly scan and score student bubble sheets, save data to a thumb drive, run reports and analyze student data. Price includes the Scantron Score Scanner, Remark Software Licenses, 3 packages of forms and a dust cover.

Sample Reports

Remark Classroom Edition Sample Reports


  • Scans up to 40 bubble sheets per minute will error mark and print a score on student forms
  • Bundle includes: Remark “Lite” reporting software, Dust cover, 3 packages of Forms
  • Export Student data in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, Access.
  • Export Scores out to many popular LMS gradebooks
  • Includes 1 year onsite warranty.

Pricing Information

Price ~ $2,889 as of 11/06/2020. Contact company for current pricing. 
Scantron Score Test Scoring Machine
Scantron Score Compatible Forms


Patrice M Gomez, Senior OMR Sales Representative
Scantron Corporation
Harland Technology Services - A Division Of Scantron

2020 South 156th Circle
Omaha, NE 68130
Phone: 1.800.228.3628
Email: Patrice.Gomez@scantron.com


Apperson DataLink 3000

This test scoring scanner is used by the College of Business, Finance and General Business department. The DataLink 3000 price includes ink cartridges, USB cables and DataLink Connect software. This scanner exclusively uses DataLink 3000 forms.

Sample Reports

DataLink Connect Assessment Sample Reports 


  • Scans up to 65 answer sheets per minute and marks missed questions, score, and percentage on answer sheet.
  • Paper Item Analysis report of score frequency and missed questions
  • Touchpad controls, compact LCD display, and a startup package with ink cartridges
  • Export Student data to Excel
  • Rescore capability
  • Integrated bar code reader (for pre-printed student and test IDs)

Pricing Information

Price ~ $1,995 Contact company for current pricing
DataLink 3000 Scanner Bundle
DataLink 3000 Test Answer Sheets


DataLink Customer Service and Sales

Jeffrey Jones, Department Head
Finance & General Business
College of Business

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