Managing Your Directory Profile

Follow these step-by-step instructions for editing a faculty and staff directory profile.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Edit a Faculty and Staff Directory Profile

Refer to the appropriate instructions based on the desired profile changes.

Profile Photo

Directory profile photos must be a current, professional head shot of the individual and should not include distracting backgrounds, additional people or animals or overlaid text. Submitted photos must be at least 500 x 600 pixels.

Portrait day

Participate in Faculty and Staff Free Portrait Day if available.

Personal submission

A profile photo of appropriate format and size can be submitted to Web Support for updating.


The full, legal name of an individual will always be included in your directory profile.

First Name

As per Missouri State's chosen name policy, individuals may choose to be identified by an alternative chosen name in place of their legal first name. Completion of the online chosen name form will begin this process.

Middle Initial

By default, an individuals middle initial is displayed.

Via update request to Web Support the middle initial of a directory profile can be hidden.

Last Name

If the legal name of an individual has changed, contact human resources to update the individuals last name.

Doctorate Title

Individuals who have obtained a doctorate may to have the submit an update request to Web Support Dr. title displayed on their directory profile, 

Contact Information

A faculty or staff's primary job title, department, office location and campus phone number will always be included in their directory profile.

Primary Job Title

Human resources automatically updates primary job titles on the personal action form effective date. Processed directory profiles should display the change the following day.

Secondary Job Title

At request to Web Support, an individuals secondary job title can be added, updated or removed. Submitted secondary job titles must be verified to meet human resource's specific criteria, so certain requests may be denied.

Office Location and Phone Number

These fields are only updated via an individual's Organizational Chart Profile

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Organizational Chart (FT Employees) located on the ADP Dashboard & ORG Chart card.
  3. Select Update Office Location and Phone Number to make the desired changes.

Fax Number

At request to Web Support, an individuals directory profile fax number can be added, updated or removed.

Profile Details

A variety of personal details can be added to a directory profile, via an update request to Web Support, in much of the same format as a curriculum vitae. It is recommended that submitted information be formatted as per the section's content entry guidelines.

Preview an example of a directory profile fully-utilizing the profile details sections.
  • Biography: Summarized biography of the individual.
  • Education: List of academic degrees and certifications received.
  • Teaching: List of classes currently being taught.
  • Professional experience: List of professional affiliations and experiences.
  • Research and professional interests: List of research and/or personal interests.
  • Awards and honors: List of awards and honors received.
  • Additional resources: Links to related external websites. A direct link to the individual's curriculum vitae can be included as well.
  • Areas of expertise: The individual's designated areas of expertise
  • Media appearances: List of the individual's media appearances.
  • Videos: List of YouTube videos of the individual.
Incorrect information
Contact Web Support regarding any incorrectly displayed directory profile information.

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