BearPass Card Online Photo Submission


BearPass Card how-to guide for online photo submission upload


To have your BearPass Card ready for you when you arrive on campus, you'll need to provide a photo of yourself beforehand. Uploading a photo is simple and secure and gives you control over the final look of your BearPass Card.

Step-by-Step Guide

Online Photo Submission with the Mobile App

Online Photo Submission with eAccounts


Photo Guidelines: 
  • Directly face the camera
  • Eyes open and looking toward camera
  • Must be a full color photo (not black and white, etc.)
  • Should have a plain light background (plain wall, etc.)
  • Should be a recent photo - within six months
  • Use sufficient light (enable flash for best results)
  • For best results, take a square photo or crop it square
  • Best if cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
  • No hats or head coverings (except daily religious attire)
  • No sunglasses or masks or anything obscuring face
  • Use your camera to shoot photo (not social media app)
  • Nobody else should appear in the photo
  • Do not use an app filter on your face
  • No photos of photos
Note: The image must be submitted in a jpeg, png, or gif format.
Please Note: If you have any issues or further questions then please send an email to or call 417-836-8409

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