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Look here for some frequently asked questions about Administrative Banner.

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General Questions

What are the benefits of upgrading?

There are many benefits to upgrading including:

  • Keeping up with current technology industry standards
  • Moving away from reliance on the Java plug-in on client workstations
  • Consistent look and use across Banner pages (formerly called forms)

What will stay the same?

  • Data and the way data is entered
  • Seven character form names (such as SPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, FOAIDEN, APAIDEN)
  • Users’ security access to forms

Does Administrative Banner have new terminology?

Yes, there are some new definitions for Administrative Banner that differ from Internet Native Banner. 

Internet Native Banner Administrative Banner
Form Page
Next Block Go
Commit or Save Save
Rollback Start Over
Query Filter
Extended Query Advanced Filter
Duplicate Copy
Auto hint (messages at bottom left) Notification Center (messages at top right)
Data Extract Export
View Document Retrieve

When will I be trained?

The teams responsible for training will contact your department to set up a training time that fits your needs along with the needs of the implementation schedule.

Navigation Questions

Will I be able to access the forms I currently have permission to in Banner INB?

Yes, your access to pages (formerly called forms) will not change.

Will the names of pages (formerly called forms) still be the same?

Yes, you will be able to search for pages (formerly called forms) by their seven character name such as SPAIDEN, PPAIDEN, APAIDEN etc. An enhancement in Administrative Banner is the ability to find a page by its description. For instance, if the text “general student” is entered in the search bar, the SGASTDN page will be retrieved for you to select.

I have set up my frequently-used forms under My Banner.  Will this continue to work?

Yes, My Banner is still available.You'll find in the left bar menu. Enter ‘My Banner’ in the search field on the Welcome page to manage your list of pages.

Will my keyboard shortcuts continue to work?

Some keyboard shortcuts will work. Others had to be changed. This is because Administrative Banner is completely internet based where key strokes are already in use. Reference the New Shortcut Keys Quick Reference.

How do I navigate to sections without using a mouse?

Use the PageUp and PageDown keys.

Why are keyboard shortcuts not working?

Because Administrative Banner runs in a web browser, some keyboard shortcuts had to be changed while others no longer work. See the Admin Banner - Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference for a list of all new shortcut keys.

Will Item Properties continue to work?

Yes, Item Properties is now located under Tools.

Filtering/Querying Data Questions

Does the Percent Sign (%) still work in searching?

Yes, you will be able to use wildcard searches when searching. Though, you may not need to use them all the time. There is a new feature in Administrative Banner called ‘auto complete’ that provides a list of items that match what you are typing. It assumes the wildcard at the beginning and the end of the entered text.

Why is no data returned when using the Filter feature?

Filtering tips:

  • Filters are case sensitive. 
  • Verify that you have selected the appropriate operator from the drop down.
  • Multiple fields can be selected to narrow your results.

Technology Questions

What browsers does Administrative Banner support?

The recommended browsers for best performance are Firefox and Chrome. However, Administrative Banner can be used on Internet Explorer (IE 10 and 11), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. 

Why am I getting a blank screen when trying to access Banner INB forms?

Administrative Banner pages are supported by all browsers. Internet Native Banner (INB) forms are only supported by Internet Explorer. You must use the Classic INB login to use INB forms. 

What do I do if I get a "service invocation error?"

  1. Try clearing browser cache and then restart the browser to clear this up.
    Clearing Cache in Internet Explorer
    Clearing Cache in Firefox
    Clearing Cache in Google Chrome
    Clearing Cache in Microsoft Edge
  2. Try clearing their java SSL Slate


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