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Navigation basics in Admin Banner.


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This guide is especially helpful if you have used INB in the past and are transitioning to using Admin Banner. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Logging In

  1. Admin Banner access is through My Missouri State under the Work Resources tab, and in the Admin Banner module. 
    Admin banner module
  2. You will be prompted to enter your and its associated password. 
    log in page
  3. You will need to approve sign-in request using Multi Factor Authentication.
    MFA adds another layer of protection to your account that will significantly improve its security. Instead of using your Banner username and password (e.g. BBEAR), sign in using your MSU login credentials (e.g. First time users, set up your authentication options by going to View the complete MFA setup instructions on the Experts Knowledge Base.
    Approve sign-in request page
  4. After logging in, the Admin Banner “home” screen will look like this.
    banner home screen
    1. You can navigate to any page/form one of two ways 
      1. Type the page/form name into the Search box and hit enter on your keyboard.
        search box
      2. Select the page/form from My Banner.
        select box

My Banner

  1. To add pages/forms to your My Banner, type My Banner in the search box and hit enter on your keyboard.
    search box
  2. Using your mouse, click in the right hand object selection box (see red arrow below). Now use your down arrow on your keyboard, to scroll through any list already there, past the last listing. This will open a text box. You can type in the page/form name into that text box. Hit tab. If you need to add more pages/forms, create another text box by using your down arrow key.
    object selection box


The biggest change from Banner INB to Admin Banner is navigation.

Next/Previous Block is now Next/Previous Section in the lower left corner of the screen. However, you can now use your mouse to click in any field that you want.

Generally, TAB will move you through a section and Next/Previous Section will move you to another page. 
tab buttons

Below is a list of Banner INB buttons and functions and the equivalent button in Admin Banner.

table of banner IBN buttons and functions
table of INB buttons and functions


Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are a few commonly used keyboard shortcuts. You can download a full list at Admin Banner Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference.  

Keyboard shortcuts


Choose the Green GO or “Next Section”. (ALT-PAGE DOWN).

Pages will have tabs.

The Start Over button will take you back to the first page of the page (SSASECT) (where you entered the term/CRN information).
start over button

Each page/form will have an exit button. This takes you back to the previous page/form.
exit button

Related Menus

All pages/forms have a RELATED menu. This menu will list pages/forms that are related to the form you are working in.Related menu

Tools Menu

Each page/form will have a Tools menu.

Clear Record and Clear Data - May clear out the errors or information that are causing issues for you.

Export - Will allow you to export the information, usually to an excel spreadsheet.

Page Layout - We recommend staying in compact layout.
tools menu


Pages are made up of sections. You will usually TAB to navigate through the sections or click with your mouse. There will be some instances where Next Section is required within a section, but these instances are few.    

Each section has an expand/hide arrow. For class schedule building, leave each section expanded.
expand/hide arrow

Each section has an Insert, Delete, Copy, Filter option.
instert, delete, copy, and filter buttons


Any field that you can query/search has 3 dots next to the field.
ellipse button

Most queries/searches will just give you a list. These were drop down lists in Banner INB. Double-click or choose OK, and the choice is added to the form.
query list

For some queries in Admin Banner,  you will select the fields you want to use from the drop down list. You will then enter values for those fields.  You can include as many fields as you wish.
building query fields

Error Messages

There are 3 messages in Admin Banner. A green message is a positive response to whatever action you’ve taken. A yellow message is a warning message that usually requires a question to be answered or an acknowledgement of some kind. A red message is an error that requires action before you can proceed.

Green Message - Positive Response to an Action or Instructional Messages.
 green message

Yellow Messag- Warning
yellow message

Red Message - Error
red message

Error messages may cover up the START OVER button. To “hide” the error message, click on the Message Indicator. You can click on the message indicator at any time to view any messages during the current session.
message indicator

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