DubBot Accessibility Scanner


About the DubBot Accessibility Scanner


DubBot Accessibility Scanner is a web content review system for Missouri State University sites. It allows university unit content providers to improve the accessibility their web content.

This system is administered by web strategy and development.

DubBot Access

Designated web supervisors will be granted a manager role within DubBot for their respective unit's Web Press site. DubBot users are able to:

  • Review dashboard accessibility reports
  • Make updates according to the scores provided
  • Improve website accessibility

Scan frequency

The sites are scanned enter frequency and you’ll receive a report in your inbox enter frequency. This email will notify you that the crawl has finished and provide you with your site’s score.  Click the ‘visit your dashboard’ to view details of the report.

DubBot Scores

The score in the top left is your site’s overall score. Underneath that, there are 4 additional categories, each with an individual score. If there are identified issues that impact the score for each of those categories, you’ll be directed to the appropriate pages to make the updates.

If your score isn’t at 100%, you’ll see Pages Needing Attention with individual links for each page.

Common accessibility issues

Missing alt text (image)

Add descriptive alt text to the image conveying what is depicted in the image.

Missing labels (form elements)

Most forms are standard, but if you’ve created a custom form, all fields must be labeled.

Avoid three separate fields for phone numbers, should be one to avoid from using 3 labels.


Error 404 (page not found)

Replace the link needs to be corrected

Error 403 (forbidden page)

This could be an error with the template, contact the web help desk.


Common spell check issues

Proper nouns

Proper nouns are often flagged. If spelled correctly, you can add that word/name to the dictionary on that page only.

Acronyms are sometimes flagged. If correct, those can be ignored.


Flagged words

Inappropriate words

  • TBD

Custom checks

  • TBD

SEO checks for page speed

  • TBD

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