How to Connect to Special VPN Group


This How-To-Article explains how to connect to the VPN network as member of an assigned special VPN group.


Some departments or areas utilize special VPN groups other than the default *Missouri State. If you are a member of a special VPN group, you'll be provided this information by your department. Follow these steps to connect to your assigned VPN group.
  1. To log into VPN special group, open the Cisco AnyConnect application. You can do this by navigating to the Windows Start Menu and searching for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.
    type Cisco AnyConnect into search bar

  2. Type Then click Connect.
    type in vpn and click connect

  3. Two screens will pop up simultaneously: the Cisco AnyConnect Group selection window, and the Misssouri State sign-in window.
  4. Select the Cisco AnyConnect Group selection screen. This may be hidden behind the Missouri State sign-in page. You may need to move the sign-in window out of the way using your mouse or ALT+Tab on your keyboard. Do not close the Missouri State sign-in window. Doing so will cancel the login.
  5. From the Cisco AnyConnect Group selection box, select your assigned group from the drop-down options. select group
  6. You will be directed to a page to enter your BearPass ID (abc123) and password. Then click OK.
    type in username and password

  7. You will receive a prompt from your default multi-factor authentication method to approve connection.

    Note: When connecting to a special VPN group, some people have reported a delay in the delivery of notification to their authenticator app, or delayed delivery of verification code. If your connection times out before you receive your code or notification, please try again.

  8. Once connected, there will be an AnyConnect icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar with a lock showing that you are connected to the Missouri State VPN and are ready to access Missouri State resources from off-campus.
    Click the icon in the taskbar for AnyConnect VPN.

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