Banner Student Module: Admissions Process

To better clarify how admission to Missouri State University works, this page goes through the application and admissions process in brief.

Step-by-Step Guide

Online Applications

  1. When a prospective student decides to apply, there is a link on the Missouri State University Future Students page labeled Apply now ; this link goes into a Banner application.
  2. The application begins with a page of instructions and a link that states First time user account creation at the very bottom of the page. The link is located under a login box, which can be used by those returning to work on their application. New applicants will need to create an account.
    Please Note: This login is only for the application. It can be used to create the application and to return to the application, as well as to view or submit the application. It is not used for other resources. 
  3. The type of application must be chosen, such as freshman, transfer, re-admit, international, graduate, etc.
  4. Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be edited. However, prospective students can return to this page and log in to see the status of the application. The status is updated in real time as Admissions completes their processing, so if prospective students have a question as to whether forms have been received yet or are wondering where Admissions is at on considering their application, they can check here.
  5. There are two forms in Internet Native Banner associated with the application process. The first is SAAEAPS, a temporary table form, where applications are first entered and the information resides. The second is SAAADMS, to which admissions applications are pushed; it is this form (SAAADMS) that is seen by students when checking application status.
    1. Right after the spring semester begins, all applications in SAAEAPS for the previous fall semester are cleared.
    2. If a prospective student begins an application but does not finish it and returns several months later, they may have to create a new login account and begin a new application.
    3. SAAADMS holds the official, completed applications and is not cleared.

Mailed Applications

  1. Every morning, an "Application Push Process" is run by Admissions which manually pushes anything in the SAAEAPS to SAAADMS. In addition, a staff member manually checks for errors, duplicates, etc.
  2. Mailed applications are entered into Banner by a student worker using the above process for Online Applications; they ensure that the online application is identical to the mailed application.
  3. After completing this, the applicant is mailed a letter that includes the Admissions Login/Password so they can check the status of their application online.

Once Admitted

  1. A short admissions letter is mailed to the accepted student.
  2. This letter includes the student's BearPass Number, which is their student identification number.
  3. The letter also directs the student to the My Missouri State portal and prompts them to create a computer account.


Is the login and password randomly generated and assigned or is it created by the applicant? These are created by the applicant. The login can be anything, but the pasword must be entirely numeric and is limited to five or six digits.
What happens if someone forgets their application login and/or password? If you have not completed your application, please simply create a new one. If you have completed your application, support staff can search by the student's name to find the login and then reset the PIN using the temporary table SAAEAPS in Banner. Contact the Office of Admissions at for assistance.
Will accounts lock after too many failed log in attempts? Yes, three failed login attempts will lock the admissions account. Just contact the Office of Admissions at and they can get it unlocked using the SAAEAPS form in Internet Native Banner.

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