Student Clicker FAQs

Student Clicker FAQs

How do I use my TurningPoint clicker?

Start this process by reviewing one of our tutorials. After familiarizing yourself with clickers and registering your Device ID, always check to see that your clicker is on the proper channel. The classroom receiver will have a preset channel number assigned to that room (check with your instructor). To ensure you are on the right channel for class, please do the following:

NXT Clicker (White): Press – Channel Button, Channel Number (i.e. 41), Center Silver Button

My clicker has a blank screen, what do I do?
Your clicker is fine! All TurningPoint clickers have a built in function called “sleep mode” that conserves energy when the clicker is not in use. When in class just press the button corresponding to your answer firmly and your clicker will respond.
How do I change my answer?
Select your new answer, for example the “2/B” button. TurningPoint will only remember the last answer sent while the question is open for polling.
What type of batteries do I need for my TurningPoint clicker?
NXT Clickers use 2 AAA batteries
Does my clicker come with batteries installed?
Yes, 2 AAA batteries are installed. However, you must pull the clear tab off the back of the clicker in order to activate the batteries, otherwise the clicker will not respond.
If I am using my TurningPoint clicker in multiple classes do I have to register my clicker for each class?
No. Unless you change devices (lost, stolen, etc.) you will only have to register your Device ID once in Blackboard.
I am sending answers but I am not receiving any points. What do I do?
First, make sure you are sending responses and only see the screen with a battery, tool, and channel number. If you are sending messages, this is not going to send an answer to receive points. If you are sending responses, contact the current student intern on campus.


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