How to Prepare a Test for Use with LockDown Browser

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How to prepare a test for use with LockDown Browser

  1. To activate Respondus LockDown Browser on a Blackboard Exam, you must first have the exam deployed in your course.
  2. Next, you must make sure the the Respondus LockDown Browser tool is available in your course.
  3. To do so, go to the Control Panel and click Customization > Tool Availability.
    Blackboard Control panel with tool availability highlighted
  4. Locate the Respondus LockDown Browser tool, and click the check box to make the tool available.
    Responsus Lockdown browser tool with check mark

  5. Click Submit to save this setting.
  6. Next, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser.
    Blackboard control panel with respondus lockdown browser highlighted

  7. Now that you are in the tool, any deployed exams will be listed.
  8. Click the menu to the left of the Exam you want to set up, and click Settings.
    Dropdown menu to the left of the exam with settings option highlighted
  9. This will bring up the option to enable LockDown Browser for this particular exam.
    Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam option highlighted

  10. If you would like students to provide a password for the exam, you will enter the exam password in the appropriate box.
    Password settings window

    Please Note: 

    Even if you do not enter a password on this page, Respondus will autogenerate a password on the Blackboard Test Options page. This password tells the system that Respondus is required for this test; if you delete the autogenerated password in the Test Options page your Respondus test will not work and students won’t be able to take the test.
    Password text box

    If you see a password like the one shown above in your Blackboard Test Options, do not delete it. Your test will not work in Respondus without this password. You can read more about this password from Respondus

  11. This screen is also where you can enable Respondus Monitor.
    Monitor webcam settings window
  12. Click Save and Close.
Please Note: Be sure to instruct your students to choose Missouri State University - Blackboard Learn as the server when they are prompted. If they do not do this, it is likely that their screen will lock on them. 



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