How to Use the Archive Wizard to Save Exams and Surveys

The Archive Wizard in Respondus allows you to archive an exam or survey, including all media components and equations that may be associated with it. An entire “tree” of folders can also be archived. The Archive Wizard and related tasks are useful for doing routine backups, to create a ready-to-use exam/survey file that can be e-mailed to a colleague, or for organizing the “Projects” folder so that only current files are displayed.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to use the Archive Wizard to save exams and surveys

  1. Click the Start tab, and then click Archive Wizard.
    Archive wizard button
  2. From the list, select the exam or survey you wish to archive. Click Next
    Exam and survey list
  3. On the next screen of the wizard, click Browse to select a different destination file, and then click Next.
    Click Next.
    Wizard screen with browse button
  4. You will see a completion screen, click Finish. You have archived the exam successfully!

Opening an Archived File

  1. Click the Start tab, and then click Open.
    Open button
  2. Click Archive, click the file to select it, and then click Open.
    Window with archive button
  3. You may have to rename the folder, follow the steps to rename the folder (if needed) and then click OK.


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