How to Publish a Test to Blackboard with Exam Author

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How to publish a test to Blackboard with Exam Author

Please Note: Respondus Exam Author will NOT show the Content Folders to publish to unless you have Edit Mode “On” in the Blackboard course.
  1. Click the Preview and Publish tab.
    Preview and publish tab
  2. Click Publish to Blackboard, and then click Publish Wizard.
    Publish to blackboard tab and publish wizard button

Using the Publish Wizard

  1. In the Publish Wizard, under Type of Publish, select Publish to single source.
    Publish Wizard
  2. Under Choose existing server, from the Blackboard server list, select My Bb Courses.
  3. View the server settings, and then click Next.
  4. In the Choose Course to publish to list, select your course.
    Choose course to publish to drop down menu
  5. Under Create or Replace Exam/Survey or Pool Exam/Survey, select whether you are creating an exam or replacing an exam.
  6. Under Additional options for Exam/Survey select the following if you choose, and then click Next.
    • Apply Random Blocks to Exam
    • Apply Settings to Exam
    • Link Exam to Content Area and Make Available---if you select this option, you will need to choose the content area.
Please Note: You should add the exam to an existing content area so you will know where to find it.

Place exam within a course content area

  1. After you click Next on the wizard, select the content area where you want to place the exam.
    Content area selection
  2. Click Next, view the Status Window to make sure everything uploaded correctly, and then click Finish.
Please Note: If you receive an error during the publishing process about courses not loading, see Troubleshooting Respondus Exam Author.


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