How to Create a Test in Exam Author by Importing Questions

Respondus will allow you to import test questions created in Microsoft Word or other word processing program, and then publish your exam directly to Blackboard. The document you wish to import must be organized in a standard format and saved as a MS Word (.docx or .doc), plain text (.txt), or rich-text file (.rtf).

Formatting and styles in MS Word such as Bolditalics, colored fonts, and embedded images will automatically import in Respondus. Advanced formatting such as importing .csv files, including images and other multimedia into rich-text or txt files, or adding html to questions can be done but will not be covered in this faculty guide. For information regarding advanced formatting, contact the Instructional Designers in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

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Importing Questions with Respondus


Step-by-Step Guide

How to start the import

  1. From the Start menu, click Import Questions. You will see the Import Questions dialog box.
    Select import questions from the start menu.
  2. In the Type of file list, select the type of file you are importing.
    Please Note: If you have problems importing a file, consider saving the file to a different format and trying again.
    Import questions pop-up with type of file drop down box 
  3. Next to the File Name box, click Browse to search for a file, and then click Open.
  4. Under Choose where to add new Questions, select Append the questions to the current document. Alternately, select Create a new document, named and type the name you want to give the document.
    Please Note: If you create a new document, you will have to select whether the documents is an Exam or a Survey, and you will have to select the Use stem plus question number... check box if you choose to use that option.
     Choose where to add the new questions option
  5. Click Preview to check for problems. If you see a warning message, you will need to determine whether or not the message is valid (some messages can be ignored) or if you need to make changes to the text.
    Please Note: An example from Respondus User guide of a warning that can be ignored, “2 duplicate titles were changed by adding `2’ (or 3, 4...)”. This is simply indicating that two of the question titles for the file being imported are identical (remember, question titles are generated from the first 20 characters of the question wording).
  6. When you are finished with the preview, click Finish. If you want to make further changes, click Edit; or, if you would like to views the file in a different window, click Preview.


Standard Format for Importing

For information on standard question formats for importing into Respondus, see the Respondus Exam Author Formatting.



For additional information using Respondus 4.0 Exam Author visit the following resources:


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