How to Export and Import Tests, Surveys, or Pools

If you have created a test in another Blackboard course or with a third-party utility, you may need to import it into Blackboard. In addition, if you create a test that you might want to use in another Blackboard course, you can export that test to your computer or the Content Collection and then import the file to the destination course. The instructions below are for Blackboard test files only; they do not apply to other files types like .docx or .xls.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Export and Import Test, Surveys, or Pools

To Export a Test, Survey, or Pool

  1. Open the course site where the test, survey, or pool is located, and under the Control Panel, click Course Tools, and then click TestsSurveysand Pools.
    tests, surveys, and pools link
  2. Click Tests, Surveys, or Pools depending on the type of content you are exporting.
  3. On the Tests, Surveys, or Pools page, click the Contextual Menu next to the name of the item you wish to export, and then click Export to Local Computer to download the file to your computer or Export to Content Collection to save the file to your Content Collection on Blackboard.
    From the contextual menu select Export to Local Computer or Export to Content Collection
Please Note: The file will be saved as a .zip package. Do not unzip or otherwise alter the contents of the .zip package. You will upload the .zip package to Blackboard in the next steps.

Safari is not a recommended browser for downloading .zip packages. Use Chrome or Firefox to download the exported files instead. If you must use Safari, you will need to change the settings to allow for downloaded .zip files.


To Import a Test, Survey, or Pool

  1. On the Control Panel, click Course Tools, and then click TestsSurveysand Pools.
  2. Click Tests, Surveys, or Pools depending on the type of content you are importing.
  3. On the Tests, Surveys, or Pools page, click the Import button at the top of the page.
    From the action menu select import test.
  4. On the Import page, click Browse Local Files.
  5. Click Browse Content Collection. The Content Collection window will open. 
    Choose the location of the content.
  6. Locate the file you wish to import. Tests will be in zipped folders. Select Open or Submit once the
    file is chosen.
  7. Make sure the correct test file is listed under Selected File, and then click Submit
    test import options
  8. The test, survey, or pool will now be listed on its respective page.

Additional Information Regarding Exporting Test Questions

The following information is from Blackboard Documentation.

All questions are now retained in exported and imported tests, including questions that originate outside the exported test, such as Question Sets, Random Blocks, and Question Links. When the user exports a test and imports it back into a different course, all questions are now present irrespective of their origin.

Questions that are in question sets and random blocks in the originating test are imported into the new course in question pools. Single questions that were linked in the originating test are imported as “native” (non-linked) questions.

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