How to Set Up a Shared Location for Mac

A shared location folder allows you to access and add files to the Content Collection directly from your Mac using WebDAV.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Set Up a Shared Location for Mac

  1. In the Content Collection, click Set Up Shared Location on the action bar of the top-level folder. Starting from this location ensures WebDAV access to all folders contained in the Content Collection. You can select any folder inside the Content Collection, but the shared location path must be less than 240 characters. Each selected folder has a different address.
  2. On the Using Shared Location page, copy the URL that appears for Current Web address. You will paste the address in later steps.
    using shared locations page
  3. On the Finder bar, select Go > Connect to Server.
    connect to server link
  4. In the Connect to Server window, paste the URL you copied into the Server Address box. Click Connect.
    Connect to server window
  5. If the WebDAV File System Authentication window appears, type your Blackboard Learn login username and password. Click OK.
  6. After you are connected to the shared location, the Mac network icon appears on your desktop. Double-click the icon to open the shared location. The shared location displays the files and folders in the Content Collection. Locate the appropriate folder to add files or folders to.
  7. Locate the folder on your computer containing the files and folders you want to transfer.
  8. With your folder and the shared location open, move one or more files and folders between them using the drag-and-drop function. Click a file and press, then drag it to the destination folder. Release the mouse button and it is dropped in the folder. Files and folders dragged to the shared location are copied to the Content Collection. Also, you can copy files and folders from the shared location to your computer. Alternatively, use copy and paste rather than the drag-and-drop function.
  9. In the Content Collection, click Refresh on the action bar to view the uploaded files.

After using the shared location, some files may appear with duplicate file names that begin with "._" or ".DS Store." You can safely delete them from the Content Collection.

When you have copied all files and folders, close the window and drag the Mac network icon to the trash to disconnect from the shared location. If you do not disconnect, the icon and server connection remain open until the computer is shut down. If you use a computer that others use, they will have access to everything in the Content Collection until you disconnect the shared location.


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