How to Insert Math Equations

Anytime you are typing a description or message on Blackboard, and have the text editor, you also have the ability to insert mathematical equations into your text using the WIRIS Formula Editor.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Insert Math Equations

  1. In the text editor you simply need to choose the Launch Math Editor button.
    math editor button
    1. If your Text Editor doesn't look like this, click the arrow in the upper right corner to show more.
      chevron arrows
  2. Now you have a math editor to go to town with. After you have an equation to your liking simply click, Accept. (And Allow if you have any more resulting popups.)
    WIRIS provides the necessray features to create mathmatical equations.
  3. If you need assistance in what the symbols mean or how to use the Math editor, click the word Manual in the lower right corner and you will be taken to the WIRIS User Manual, with detailed help instructions.
    Click on manual to get an explaination of the Math Editor features.



For more information on the Math Editor refer to the Blackboard Documentation.


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