How to Manage and Grade SafeAssign Assignments

You can view student submissions and the SafeAssign reports associated with submissions from the SafeAssign link on the Control Panel. The SafeAssign area lists the SafeAssignments in your course. Click a SafeAssignment to view and grade submissions.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Manage and Grade SafeAssign Assignments

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section. Select SafeAssign.
    SafeAssign link
  2. Click SafeAssignments to view the SafeAssignments in this course.
    safe assign items link
  3. Locate the specific SafeAssignment in the list and click View Submissions from the drop-down menu.
    view submissions link 
  4. A list of student submissions appears with the following columns for each SafeAssignment:
    user attempt link
    • Name: This column displays the name of the student that submitted the assignment.
    • User Attempt: This column displays the name of the student that submitted the assignment and the Attempt number (e.g., Attempt 1 of 2). Please note that if you have enabled Multiple Attempts on your assignment that your students will likely have more than one attempt and you will need to select the correct attempt to grade.
    • Average Match and Highest Match: These columns display the percentage of the paper that matches other sources. Read the full report to determine if the matching is properly attributed.
    • SA Report: Select this option to view the full SafeAssign originality report. For more information on interpreting the SafeAssign originality report please view the How to Read the SafeAssign Originality Report page.
    • Submitted: This column displays the date that the user submitted the assignment attempt.
  5. Select the User Attempt that you would like to grade
    user attempt link
  6. Click the SafeAssign link under the Assignment Details section
    safe assign link
  7. Click the View Originality Report button. The Report will open in a new window/tab.
    view originality report button
  8. Click on one of the highlighted sections of the student's originality report

    From here you can see the student's text, the suspected source of the text, as well as the Percentage match for the Suspected Entry. For more information on interpreting the SafeAssign originality report please view the How to Read the SafeAssign Originality Report page. Each suspected source will display in a different color. The corresponding citations are found under the Citations section of the report. You will notice in the sample screenshots that the first two lines of text are not highlighted, even though those exact two lines were submitted as Attempt 1 by this same student. This is because  SafeAssign recognizes a student's multiple attempts for an individual assignment as submitted by the same student for the same assignment. SafeAssign does not check the contents of the student’s current attempt against content from previous submissions.
  9. Click on the Source hyperlink to navigate to the Suspected Entry's source.
    Click on the number next to the source to view source information.

    If after reviewing the source you determine that the flagged text is not a problem (e.g., the student was quoting this text and properly cited it), then you can deselect this citation and resubmit the paper for a new SafeAssign Originality Report.
  10. Dismiss any citation sources you would like SafeAssign to ignore, and then click the Refresh Report button.
    dismiss button
  11. After carefully reviewing each citation on the SafeAssign Originality Report you can go back to Blackboard Learn's inline grading screen and enter the grade for the submission, enter any feedback that you would like, and then click the Submit button to save the grade.


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