How to Download the Grade Center

To ensure you have complete student records, you will need to download your full grade center from Blackboard before access ends for faculty on May 31, 2024. 

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Download a copy of the Grade Center

To download your grade center

  1. On your course, under the Control Panel, click Grade Center, and then click Full Grade Center.

  1. Point to Work Offline, and then click Download.
    Click on the down arrow next to Work Offline and select Download.
  2. In the Data section, select Full Grade Center (should be selected by default)
    Select the data that you would like downloaded.
  3. Under the Options section, select the options you want for Delimiter type. To have the file open in Excel, select tab (default selection). If you have columns hidden that you want to include then you will need to select "Yes" to Include hidden Information in the file.

    Choose which file type you would like to download.


  1. Under the Save Location section, choose My Computer (this is the default selection). 
Important Note:  To avoid violating FERPA regulations, you must save the gradebook to your Missouri State OneDrive account

  1. Click Submit, and then click Download.

  1. This will prompt you for a location to save the file. Select the location you want the file saved and select the Save button.



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