How to Create Virtual Office Hours Using Collaborate Ultra

One of the most popular uses of Blackboard's Collaborate Ultra is creating virtual office hours for students to meet with their instructor and ask questions, go over class work, etc. The steps below explain how to set up a Collaborate Ultra for virtual office hours.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create Virtual Office Hours Using Collaborate Ultra

  1. Click the + sign at the top left of your course menu to add Tool Link
    add item button

    tool link link

  2. Name your Collaborate link. Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from the tool type down-down menu, make the link available to users, and click Submit.
    name tool link box
  3. Click the link to enter the Collaborate page.
    collaborate link
  4. Once on the Collaborate page, click Create Session.
    Click create a session from the Collaborate session page.
  5. Name the Collaborate session.  We suggest "Virtual Office Hours" followed by the day(s) and times. For example, the below image shows "Virtual Office Hours: Tuesdays, 3-5pm”.
    text box
  6. Under Event Details, select the session availability. For office hours, we suggest selecting the No End check box to keep the session open for the entire semester.
  7. Add early entry if desired.
  8. Add a description if desired.
    event detail information
  9. Click the gear icon to navigate to Session Settings, select the default participant role.
    session settings
  10. Choose options you'd like for Recording, Moderator permissions, Participant permissions, session telephony, private chat
    session settings
  11. Click Save to finish creating the session.
    save button
  12. A link will appear on the session list for the new Virtual Office Hours session. Depending on the start time you chose, the link will either be black (available) or grey (unavailable).
    Sample virtual session.

Your students will see the same page when they click the Virtual Office Hours link you created in the Course Menu. You are now ready to start holding virtual office hours!


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