Getting Started with Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is Blackboard's real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. The virtual session opens right in your browser, so there is no software for Instructors or Students to install.

Collaborate Roles

Blackboard has four different roles available to users in a Collaborate Ultra session. Blackboard's Roles page lists and briefly explains these roles.

Collaborate Tools Reference

Collaborate has a host of tools available within a session. Please view Blackboard's Find Your Way Around and Blackboard's Use The Tools pages for more information on all the tools available.

What's New in Blackboard Collaborate

Visit Blackboard's What's New page for updates and new features coming to Blackboard Collaborate.

How to Add a Profile Picture to Your Collaborate Session

Check out Blackboard's Add a Profile Picture page for directions on adding a picture in your Collaborate Session.

How to Set Up Your Audio and Video for Your Collaborate Session

Blackboard's Audio and Video Set Up has a walk through for setting up your audio and Video in a Collaborate Session.

How to Use Your Phone for Audio in a Collaborate Session

See Blackboard's Call Into A Session for instruction on using the telephony feature of Blackboard Collaborate.

How to Assign a Student to be a Presenter or Captioner in Your Collaborate Session

Blackboard's Promote Participants walks through the process of changing student roles.

How to Create and Update Sessions

Take a look at Blackboard's Schedule Sessions in Your Course for details on creating and editing your Blackboard Collaborate sessions and room.

How to Moderate Blackboard Collaborate in Your Course

Visit Blackboard's Moderator page for information on managing Blackboard Collaborate in your course.


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