How to Create a Learning Module

A Learning Module is an organized collection of course content that includes a table of contents. Learning modules are organized sections of content on Blackboard that contain similar topics. For example, you can deposit files, links, and exam content in specific unit-based modules. Or, you can use the learning modules to group like content such as "American Literature before the Civil War" or "Mammals". With the learning modules, you can include documents, exams, blogs, and discussion boards; assign groups; and even add textbooks for specific units. Learning Modules also allow you to keep your students on track through specific units. You can set up Sequential Viewing of content, moving your students along as you progress. This setting will cause some items not to open until students have opened others.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Create a Learning Module

  1. In the Course Menu, click the Content Area where you want to add a Learning Module.
    content link
  2. Point to Build Content, and then click Learning Module.
    build content menu
  3. You will see the Create Learning Module page. This will take you to an editing screen, where you fill in the information about your Learning Module.
    learning module information page
  4. Under Standard Options, select Permit Users to View this Content.
    -ORSelect Date and Time Restrictions to display the learning module after a certain point in time.
    standard options page
  5. Under Learning Module Options, select Enforce Sequential Viewing of this Module if you wish.
    Viewing options for Learning Modules
  6. Set your Table of Contents settings, note that you do not have to use a table of contents for your learning modules.
    table of contents page
  7. When you are finished, click Submit. You will get a green confirmation message on the main Content Area.


Adding Content to a Learning Module

Once you have a Learning Module added to a content area, you can fill the module with relevant materials. For some classes, this may include entire units of information, activities, and tests; for others, it may only include some group activities and collaborative venues.

  1. Click the Content Area you want to add content to.
  2. Point to the Content list of your choice (Build Content, Create Assessment, Add Interactive Tool, Assign Textbook), and then click the item you wish to add.
    content list
  3. Complete the information for the content you wish to add. Note that different types of content will require different settings. 
  4. When you have completed the settings, click Submit.



Create Learning Modules from Blackboard Help


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