How to Take a Test Online

A test can be anywhere in a course, so your instructor will let you know where it's located via email, announcement or message. This example will go through the Course Menu.

Please Note:  Make sure that you always log out of Blackboard. If you have more than one active session of Blackboard running (even if you completely closed the window, the session is likely still active) it could kick you out of the test or not save your answers, making for a mighty annoying headache that both you and your instructor will both have to wrangle with.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Take a Test Online

  1. Access the content area where the instructor has placed the test through the Course Menu.
  2. Select the test that you are assigned to take.
  3. Read the test instructions and click Begin to start.
    begin exam page
  4. Instructions and any additional information will be at the top of the exam.
    Review test directions before beginning the test.
  5. Answer the test questions. (Your answers will be saved as you go.)
    saved questions
  6. Save and Submit your answers when complete. You have the option to save all answers and return to the test later, but keep in mind that some exams are timed and may expire before you return.
    save and submit button
  7. The test is now successfully submitted. Click OK to review the test results.
    test submission review page

Please Note:  If you are taking a test on a Mac you need to be sure that your browser settings have their font size settings at 14 or higher, so the Save button for test questions will not be covered by (or covering) some of the exam question text. Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Accessibility
Adjusting browser settings in Safari


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