How to Submit and View a SafeAssign Assignment

SafeAssign is used to prevent plagiarism and to create opportunities to help you identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase. SafeAssign compares your submitted assignments against a set of academic papers in both the Institution and Global Database to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Submit a SafeAssign Assignment

  1. On the course menu, select the link where your instructor has placed the SafeAssign assignment, for example, Assignments.
  2. Click on the assignment.
    assignment link
  3. Read the instructions for how to submit your SafeAssign assignment and the Blackboard SafeAssign terms 
    Assignment information

    Submission agreement
    1. To write your submission directly in Blackboard Learn (not recommended):
      1. Click on the Write Submission button.
        write submission button
      2. Type your submission into the content editor.
        text box

    2. To upload a file (e.g., a Microsoft Word file):
      1. Click on the Browse My Computer button.
        browse my computer submission link
      2. Locate the file you would like to submit and click the Open button to attach it to the assignment. Your file will be displayed under the Attached files area for your confirmation.
        Attached files information
  4. Click Submit.
    submit button
    Please Note:  After you submit SafeAssignments, there is a slight delay between the upload and the availability of the SafeAssign report. Results are normally available within 10-15 minutes, but may be longer during peak times of the semester.

How to View SafeAssign Submissions

View your submissions and the SafeAssign reports associated with it by accessing the SafeAssign assignment after submitting your paper. This option is only available if allowed by your instructor.

  1. Return to the assignment link in the content area that holds the SafeAssign assignment, for example, the Assignments content area.
  2. Click on the assignment. 
    assignment link
  3. Click on the SafeAssign link in the Attempt area.
    SafeAssign link
  4. This will expand the SafeAssign area. Click on the View Originality Report button.
    view originality report button
  5. Your SafeAssign Originality Report will open in a new tab/window. For more information on how to interpret the report refer to How to Read the SafeAssign Originality Report.

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