How to Register for MyLab Psychology

These instructions will provide a step-by-step guide to setting up and accessing MyPsychLab in Blackboard.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Register for MyPsychLab

  1. Click on the content link provided by your instructor.
    My PsychLab link
  2. Click MyLab/Master Course Home.
    Click on green Pearson logo to go to course home.
  3. You will see a screen prompting you to read the user agreement and policy and click ‘I Accept’ if you intend to move forward in the registration process.
    User Agreement page.
  4. Create a Pearson Account’, if you do not already have one. Your course will be preloaded based on your login information from Blackboard.
    Create your Pearson Account
  5. Enter your MSU email address and information to create your Pearson account. You will also want to read and accept the license agreement.
    Complete the registration page.
  6. If you have purchased an access code from the bookstore, click on the link on the left where you enter your pre-purchased code. If you have not purchased a code, purchase an access code through credit card or PayPal. Do not purchase a code if you already purchased on at the bookstore.
    Enter your registration code.

  7. Enter your code below.
    Enter the code you purchased for MyLab
  8. Once your code is entered and accepted, the screen below will appear.


How to Register Your Clicker on Blackboard

  1. Click on the Clicker Registration tab.
    Click on Clicker Registration
  2. Click on TurningPoint Registration Tool.
    Click to register your TurningPoint Clicker.
  3. Locate your device ID on the back of your Clicker.
    Example of where and what you should look for on your clicker
  4. Enter your Device ID.
    Enter your device's response ID

Device IDs are in hexadecimal format and therefore do not contain the letter O, but do contain the number zero (0).


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