How to Check Grades Using the My Grades Tool

You can use the My Grades tool to check your grades and any feedback the instructor has left on your work. Checking feedback on individual tests or assignments can also be a bit tricky. For steps on how to do that, see How to View a Graded Assignment in Blackboard.

Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing My Grades

There are a few ways to get to My Grades.

Please Note: In My Grades you will only see what the instructor has allowed students to see. Some instructors will have a point grade setup as their external (main displayed) grade and some will have a letter grade setup. (See an example in the screenshot located under "My Grades.")

How to Access My Grades via My Blackboard

  1. Navigate to the drop-down menu beneath your name on the top right-hand side of your Blackboard page.
  2. Click the icon of a sheet of paper with a check mark and plus sign as seen below.
    My Grades icon

Accessing My Grades via the Blackboard Home Page

  1. From the Tools Module on your Blackboard Home Page, select My Grades.
    Accessing grade from Blackboard Tools menu.


My Grades

The above methods will take you to the My Grades page. On this page, the left side will contain a preview of your grades in all your courses and the right side has the specifics for the course you have selected, including Calculated Grades, Graded, and Upcoming Assignments.
Viewing My Grades in more than one course.


If you choose to sort by Last Graded you will see the most recently graded assignments on the left side and the details for the highlighted assignment on the right.
Sample view of My Grades

My Grade Item Status

The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.
Icon key for symbols you might see in My Grades


Accessing Grades via the Course Menu

  1. Enter the Course that you want to see your grade in.
  2. Access the My Grades section in the Course Menu on the left. (Courses can look different than the picture below, and some instructors don't add a My Grades option to the course menu.)
    Accessing grade from My Grades in the course menu.

No My Grade Links in Course

  1. You may also check your grades from your course page by selecting Tools from the course menu if your instructor has not included a My Grades link. (The instructor may not have included either a Tools or My Grades link on the course menu. In that case, use the above option for accessing the My Grades menu from the My Blackboard menu or home page.)
    Accessing your grades from Course Tools in Blackboard.
  2. Then click My Grades from the Tool page.
    Select My Grade form Blackboard tools page.


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