End of Semester Blackboard Checklist for Faculty

This article includes several items that instructors should complete to close out the semester in the Blackboard learning management system.

Save Your Course Grade History

How to Download the Grade Center - download an exact copy of the full grade center in your course.

How to View and Download Grade History - download a spreadsheet with a full history of student attempts, grades, and instructor feedback sorted by modification date and item name.

Tip:  Always save private and restricted data, such as identifying information and grades, in a secure location, following University Information Security Policies. See the Best Practices for Securely Storing University Data to learn more about where to store student grades. 

Make Your Course Un-available to Students

How to Make Your Course Available or Un-Available to Students


Making courses unavailable at the end of the semester reduces the clutter in students' course lists and prevents them from accessing your course content after the semester ends. Let your students know when the course will no longer be available for them and provide them with a link to these instructions on how to download submitted assignments they want to keep for their records:
How to Download Assignments With or Without Instructor's Annotations

Clean Up Your Course Files

How to Clean Up Your Course Files

How to Remove Video Files from Blackboard

Tip: We have limited space on our Blackboard servers, and going over our allotted storage amount is very costly to the University, so it is important to reduce the number of unnecessary files stored within Blackboard. Video files should never be uploaded to Blackboard, but if they have been they should be removed at the end of the semester.

Identify Any of Your Courses Scheduled to be Deleted

How to Export Your Course

Tip:  Any course three (3) years and older will be deleted from the Blackboard learning management system. If you would like to save a copy of your course's content and settings, create a course export file using the instructions above.

Request a Master Template Course

You can request new Master Courses on the Class Dashboard in My Missouri State. It is the best practice to use a master template to create your course content and then copy it to upcoming semesters, rather than copying from a previous semester. Refer to the list of Best Practices for Using Master Courses for additional information.

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