How to Request an Operating System Re-installation of your University Owned Computer

Use this guide if you are needing to request a re-installation of the Operating System on your Missouri State owned computer.

A re-installation is typically done when:

  1. a new computer arrives from the vendor
  2. a computer is transferred to another user or department
  3. a user requires a need in updating to a newer operation system
  4. a particular piece of Software or Hardware used by the department requires a particular operating system version
  5. a computer may have corruption, either from operating system corruption or by Virus or Malware infection, which is preventing a functional use of the computer.


For areas supported by Centralized User Support in Computer Services:

Email the Help Desk with the following information:

  1. The number of computers you request to be rebuilt.
  2. What Applications need to be install? Please indicate those with special licensing considerations(ex. Adobe Creative Cloud production, Adobe CS6, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, etc.)
  3. Which operating system? Ex. Windows 7 or Windows 8 or OSX for an Apple Computer?
  4. What is the machine(s) Dell service tag(s) or Apple Serial Number?
  5. Please indicate if there is any documents or application data that needs to be backed up or transferred either from the computer being rebuilt or from another computer. that is being replaced.
  6. If a new computer is being built,  what is the old computers Dell service tag or Apple Serial Number?


For other support areas not covered by Centralized User Support:

You will need to contact them directly, though the Help Desk will redirect any request to the appropriate support personnel.


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