How to Recover Your BearPass Login

To retrieve your BearPass Login, follow the steps below. You will need your BearPass Number and Confirmation Code. If you do not know your BearPass Number, visit How to Find Your BearPass Number. If you do not know your Confirmation Code, visit How to Get Your Confirmation Code.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Recover Your Bearpass Login

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get an Account in the side menu. Don't worry--this will not actually create a new account.
    CAMS website with "Get an Account" highlighted.
  3. Click Next.
    CAMS website with "Next" button highlighted.
  4. Enter your BearPass Number and click Next.
    CAMS website, displaying Bearpass Number section, with "Next" button highlighted.
  5. Enter your Confirmation Code. Visit How to Get Your Confirmation Code for more information.
    CAMS website, displaying Confirmation Code section, with "Next" button highlighted.
  6. Answer your security question and click Next. If you don't know it, click Give me a different question until you see one you know.
    CAMS website, displaying example Security Question, with "Next" button highlighted.
  7. Click on Get other computer resources...
    CAMS website, displaying "Get other computer reseources" section highlighted. 
  8. The CAMS My Resources page is displayed. This will show your BearPass Login, BearPass Email, and BearPass Number.

Now that you know your BearPass Login, you can go back to CAMS to change your password.


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