How to Create a Personal Website

Use this guide to create a directory for your personal website. After creating your directory, visit the Office of Web Strategy and Development for information on managing the content of your personal website.   

Step-by-Step Guide

How to...

  1. Go to the Missouri State - CAMS website.
  2. Click Sign In, which is on the top of the left menu.
    CAMS website with "Sign In" highlighted.
  3. Enter your BearPass Login and passwords in the provided boxes, then click Log in.
  4. Click Get Resources in the menu to the left.
    CAMS website with "Get Resources" highlighted.
  5. Before continuing to request a website, see if you already have one. Look at the box below Current Resources. If this box shows Personal Web Directory, you have a personal website already. Your website can be found at, where xxxxx is the first part of your Offiice365 Email (for example, Boomer123).
  6. Check the Personal Web Directory box, and click Request Selected.
    Available Resources section of the CAMS website, with "Personal Web Directory" and "Request Selection" highlighted

  7. The next screen tells you the status of your request; click Back to Resources in the upper right.CAMS website with requested web directory, "Back to Resources" highlighted.
  8. After this you will see a change pending screen, which will have the following at the bottom of the current resources box:
    CAMS website, with Web Directory as a pending requested resource.

    Refresh this screen every so often , until the pending section goes away and you see Personal Web Directory under Completed Resources.Completed Resources with Web Directory

  9. You have created the directory for your website.


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