Blackboard Learn Mobile App for Students and Instructors

Blackboard has released an app called Blackboard Learn. It is free to download and use with your Missouri State University account. Both students and faculty can use the app to interact with their courses. 

In the Blackboard app, you can perform these tasks:

  • View course items and course announcements
  • Take assignments and tests
  • Participate in discussions
  • Interact with your instructor and class in Blackboard Collaborate

Please note: while the app does allow you to submit assignments and tests, we strongly recommend using a laptop or desktop for critical coursework to ensure you can save copies for your records. If you do not receive a confirmation number of your submission, please contact your instructor to be certain it was received. 

Blackboard App

Supported Platforms

Your phone or tablet needs one of these operating systems to run the Blackboard app.

  • iOS 11+
  • Android 6+

Installing the App and Logging In

Follow these steps to download and install the Bb Student app.

  1. From your device, access the appropriate online store.
  1. Search for Blackboard Learn.
  2. Install the app on your mobile device.
  3. Open Blackboard Learn app and search for Missouri State University.
  4. You will be prompted to log in on the web.
  5. Log in with your Bearpass Log in and Bearpass Password.
    Click on the button for Web Login to authenticate with Missouri State account.


Navigation and Notifications

  • Courses and Organizations

    • Students can easily access updates from their activity stream, view course content, and quickly access all of their grades because we’ve categorized and grouped the most relevant features in one place. They can navigate between their activity stream, courses, and grades as well as view notification badges based on course updates and school announcements.
  • Activity Stream

    • The majority of the time students spend in Bb Student will be spent on the activity stream, the home screen. It represents a “smart view” of prioritized events and actions, and pushes content to the student. We’ll do the heavy lifting by helping students prioritize their work so they can spend their time on the thing that matters the most, learning.


  • Courses and Organizations

    • Select Courses or Organizations in the app menu to see all of the courses and organizations where you're enrolled. Tap a course or organization to view its content.
  • Course Content

    • Easily scan course materials and access what you need. Tap a piece of content to view its full details. You can view Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and PDF content that your instructors include in courses.
  • Course Outline

    • From the course list, tap a course to see its Course Overview. This concise view of your course provides access to these items:
    • You can also view a list of instructors and send email to them. Your courses may look different than they do in a web browser, but you'll easily navigate through your content.

Collaborate, Assignments, Tests and Grades

  • Collaborate

    • The Blackboard app includes Collaborate Ultra for real-time web conferencing on your mobile device. Your sessions are listed within courses in the app for easy access. You can also join sessions that aren't associated with a course if the moderator provides you a link.
  • Assignments

    • View, complete, and submit assignments right from the app.
  • Tests

    • Tests with the following question types are taken within Bb Student: Multiple Choice, True / False,  Either / Or, Short Answer, and Essay. If tests contain other question types, the Blackboard app directs you to a web view of Learn to complete the test.
  • Grades

    • You get real-time access to grades and feedback within an individual course or from the Grades in the base navigation.


For more information about how to use the Blackboard app:


* information was taken from the Blackboard app documentation provided by Blackboard Inc. 

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