Inserting a Call to Action Component

A call to action prompts a specific action from the user. Call to actions are typically clickable buttons that, when clicked, perform an action or may lead to another webpage that requests an action.  

The call to action component is part of the hero block snippet, but it may also be used alone as a component or paired with other elements (below).    


Call to Action (CTA) Above Highlight 

Example of a call to action above highlight   


Call to Action (CTA) Above Touts 

Example of a call to action above touts 


Call to Action (CTA) Beside Touts 

Example of a call to action beside touts


Call to Action (CTA) Block 

This standalone block may be centered or left-aligned:  

Example of a call to action standalone block centered.


Example of a call to action standalone block left aligned. 

Because the steps for adding each of the variations are similar, the below instructions outline the steps for inserting one call to action (CTA) beside touts.  

  1. Navigate to the page where you wish to place your component. 
  2. Click on  Edit on the page actions toolbar. 
  3. Click on the green Main Region button to check out the page.
  4. Place your text cursor in the editable region where you would the call to action to appear.
  5. Click on the Component Atom icon to view available components.
  6. Click on Call to Action (CTA) Beside Touts and press Insert. 
  7. You will see the component is presented as a form.  
  8. Choose your layout option (image on the left or on the right).
  9. Fill out the form fields.
  10. To add multiple touts click on +Add New Group.
  11. Fill out the additional form fields. 
  12. Click Save.

For a comprehensive overview, visit Omni’s online training for using components. 


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