Inserting an Accordion Snippet


Example of an accordion snippet

An accordion snippet works well for organizing content, like FAQs (frequently asked questions), into a stack of vertical tabs that are expandable.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to the page where you will place your accordion.  
  2. Click on Pencil Edit on the page actions toolbar. 
  3. Click on the green Main Region button to check out the page.  
  4. Place your text cursor in the editable region where you would like the accordion to appear. 
  5. Click on the Snippet Puzzle piece icon to view available snippets. 
  6. Click on accordion and press Insert. 
  7. Within your editable region, you will find a table from which your accordion will be built. 
  8. Within the first row of this table, add the heading in the first column and content in the second column. Continue until you have all of your headings and content entered.  
  9. If you need additional rows, you may add them. Click within the table. A box will appear with options to insert a row above or below the current row you are on.

      An example of an accordion snippet.  
  10. Save and publish.  

For a comprehensive overview, visit Omni’s online training for using snippets. 



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