Adding a Link to Section-Wide (Global) Navigation

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add a Link to Section-Wide (Global) Navigation

Please Note: The section-wide navigation area, within the side navigation, is not directly editable from your page.
The section-wide navigation can only be edited via a specified _global-nav.pcf file.
  1. Navigate to Content > Pages > _global-nav.pcf.

    Accessing the navigation control file.
  2. Select the Global Navigation Links button.

    Click the button to edit the sidebar global navigation links.
  3. Add the desired new link text.
  4. Highlight the new link text and select the insert/edit link tool Chain link (located on the WYSIWYG toolbar).

    insert the new link.
  5. Find and select the desired page you want to link, using file chooser File chooser icon - box with up arrow.
  6. Select Insert to finish.



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