Guide to Image Sizes

File size limit
The largest file size image that may be uploaded to OMNI is 2mb.

As a general rule the following sizes work well within your layout.

Content Block Recommended Size (pixels)
Hero* 1920 x 1080
Tout 760 x 428
Rich Text Block 760 x AnyHeight
Photo Gallery (Carousel) 760 x 428
Featured News Tile 668 x 668
Featured News Primary Photo 1200 x 1200
Featured Image 1200 x 1200
Spotlight Gallery (full-width) 1660 x 1660
WordPress blog featured image  1200 x 628
Calendar event photos 500 x 500

*When choosing a hero image, consider that the image will size in relation to the browser size. Choose a photo in which the most visible element is centrally located within the hero block. Hero images are reserved for website home pages and marketing landing pages. 


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