Omni Basic Training

Training video available for viewing within Stream. 

Use the information below to assist you with getting started using OMNI.

OMNI CMS support provides basic training for content editors to get started using OMNI.

OMNI has also provided a series of videos to help content editors become familiar with the system.

Logging in

You can find Missouri State’s DirectEdit link at the bottom of each editable page.

To log in, simply find and select the copyright symbol, located next to the "Board of Governors" link, in the footer of the page.

Missouri State footer

Editing pages: Checking in and checking out

While logged in and on the desired page, if you want to edit that page you will need to “check out” that page.

To check out, select the light bulb icon, located next to the publish button in the upper-right corner of the page.

You may visit OMNI support for comprehensive training on checking in and checking out. Become familiar with the icons that indicate page status.

Remember to check out
It is a good habit to check out after each editing session, in case another editor needs to access the page.

When you click on the green Main Region button, the region will open and you may use your What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) toolbar to make changes to the page.

Learn more about editing your existing page.

Using OMNI’s JustEdit WYSIWYG toolbar

Review the JustEdit WYSIWYG toolbar. You may not see all options featured. Some options are only available to web administrators.


Publishing your page

Changes made to your webpages are done on a staging server. The live website exists on the production server. Pages, files and other content changes must be published to the live server to appear on your live site. To do this, click on the green publish button to the right of the light bulb.  

Light bulb next to green PUBLISH button

Omni CMS provides a video and detailed guide to publishing pages.

Pro Tip
When you publish, you will be prompted to add a version description if you choose. A description will help you, or others, to know what change(s) have been made to the page.

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