How to Submit an Article for the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base offers an extensive set of articles to Missouri State users on a variety of technology-related topics. If your department would like to submit an article for consideration, please see the attached style guide for the appropriate template and content guidelines. All articles are subject to the approval of Computer Services and must follow the style guide.

Please Note: Licensed users with TeamDynamix technician accounts can create articles directly within the Knowledge Base and do not need to follow the process described here. See How to Create an Article for the Knowledge Base if you are a licensed user.

Getting Started

  1. Search the Knowledge Base to make sure the article you want to submit doesn't already exist. If it does exist but needs to be updated, submit a request to the Help Desk.
  2. In the Attachments area on the right side of this page, download the Knowledge Base Style Guide.
  3. Copy the article template from the style guide into a new Word document. 
  4. Determine whether you are crafting a how-to article or a reference article and use the appropriate heading structure from the template.
  5. Follow the below content guidelines when crafting your article (also included in the style guide):
    1. Use the “Step-by-Step Guide” heading with the “How to” subheading for how-to articles.
      • Instructions must be written in a numbered, step-by-step format
    2. Use the regular section header and secondary heading for reference/troubleshooting articles.
    3. Screenshots/images must be no larger than 500px
    4. Screenshots/images must include alt text
    5. All links must be text hyperlinks; no URLs unless strictly necessary for informing the audience of the specific web path
    6. Please see existing Knowledge Base articles for examples.



To request help related to this article, please see our Service Catalog.


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