Notice is a specialized rich text style — used to add an important, short-term message into the flow of content on a page.


Not all content is created equal. Learn how to properly utilize a notice.

Preview an example of the notice in the pattern library.

When to use the notice

Immediate action

The yellow-styling of the notice urges the user to immediately read and/or take action. This should only be used for highly important information.

Short-term information

A notice should not be used to display information for an extended period of time. Users become accustomed to a notice over time — reducing its effectiveness.

Usability guidance

Keep it brief

A notice should be quick and easy to read and understand. Use 1-2 short paragraphs at most.

Link to more details

When more than 1-2 short paragraphs are needed, include a link to a page containing that additional information.

Use appropriate formatting

A notice is designed to stand-out from the rest of the content. Using all-caps or setting all the text as headings will only make the notice harder to read, especially for users with screen-readers.


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