How to Share Content in Zoom

Zoom allows those in a meeting to share their screen or individual applications. The options available for sharing vary based on the device. By default, the host is the only one allowed to share, though this can be adjusted to allow participants to share.

Sharing your Screen

How to Share your Screen (as host)

  1. Click the Share Screen button located in your meeting controls.
    share screen icon

  1. Select one of the available options to share that application or screen. Your Zoom window will now be minimized to allow you to see the screen you are sharing.

  2. To end sharing, click the Stop Share button located on the edge of your Zoom toolbar.

notification of screen sharing and option to stop sharing

Please Note: If you share an individual application, participants may not be able to see pop ups or other secondary windows. You may wish to share your full screen to ensure that participants can see all needed detail.

Allowing Participants to Share

By default, meetings will begin with only the host allowed to share content. To allow others to share, the host must adjust the security settings. This can be done in one of two ways.

How to Allow Participants to Share (Option 1)

  1. Open the Sharing Permissions menu by clicking the small caret arrow on the Share Screen button.
    permissions arrow highlighted
  2. Under Who can share? Select All Participants.
    options for who can share


How to Allow Participants to Share (Option 2)

Alternatively, you can make this change from the Security menu.

security icon

  1. Click the Security button on your Zoom toolbar to open the security menu.
  2. Check Share Screen to allow participants the option to share.
    options for participants to share



Zoom Help Center: Sharing your Screen


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